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Independent Living Association

Promoting High Quality Independent Livings in Alameda County

The Independent Living Association (ILA) is a collaborative community-wide effort focused on supporting Independent Living owners, residents and the community by promoting high quality Independent Livings.

The ILA is a resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information about Independent Livings in Alameda County.

ILA Partnerships

The ILA is a project of and facilitated by Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) and funded by the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency (HCSA)Alameda County Care Connect department.

Alameda ILA activities, policies and procedures will be developed from the existing San Diego model and vetted through the Alameda ILA Work Team. Modifications are at the discretion of CHIP and the Alameda County Care Connect team.

ILA Membership

ILA Membership designates an Independent Living's commitment to quality housing. ILA Membership is an honor; not every Independent Living is eligible to join the ILA. ILA members adhere to a comprehensive set of quality standards and best practices that have been defined as critical components of quality Independent Livings.

Click here to learn more about becoming an ILA member.

The ILA provides the following services:

ILA Directory

The ILA Directory displays unbiased information about Independent Livings in Alameda County. ILA Members are highlighted. Click here to learn more.

Education & Training

The ILA provides education and training for Independent Living owners, residents and community members. Click here to see a calendar of ILA Classes.

Peer Review & Accountability

Each member of the ILA will receive annual visits to support them in their pursuit of providing quality housing.


The ILA supports the rights of Independent Living business owners, residents and government.

ILA Complaint Process

The ILA Complaint Process is to ensure the fair and prompt review of a complaint concerning any ILA member, or member's Independent Living, that violates ILA Rules (including Membership Requirements or adherence to the ILA Quality Standards). Click here to learn more.

Complaints against ILA members can be made by accessing the online complaint form here or by calling the ILA complaint line at 858-609-7979.

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